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AA3: Advanced Applications in Acupuncture

In this course, you will apply your knowledge of both the anatomical and the TCM approach to acupuncture. You will integrate your skills in assessment and diagnosis combining both anatomical and TCM methodology. Treatment approaches will be studied using cases presented by expert faculty. You will apply your learning in the development of a case.

What You Will Learn:

  • Locate advanced acupuncture points using surface anatomy.
  • Use specific needling techniques and practical clinical applications for 46 acupuncture points.
  • Integrate acupuncture points into treatment of conditions including: Concussion, Headache, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Advanced Management of Back Pain, Advanced Management of Neck Pain and Frozen Shoulder.
  • Integrate TCM and anatomical knowledge into assessment, diagnosis and treatment plans.


Acupuncture Canada Membership plus the Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (BTCM) course has to be completed. If you are participating in an onsite session of the course in a province in which you are not licensed, you may require a courtesy registration. Please contact the regulatory college in the province where the onsite session is taking place to confirm their requirements. Please review our cancellation policy before registering.

Course Fee

$1285.00 plus applicable taxes

COVID-19 update: Some spring and summer 2020 courses were postponed and have all been rescheduled now. All course dates listed on the website are firm at this point in time, unless we receive notice from public health that gatherings cannot be held. We are limiting enrolments in courses, to keep groups small. There is daily screening at the onsite components of courses and PPE is required. Please contact us if you have any questions about our safety protocols during Covid-19.



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