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The Acupuncture Refresher Course

Update your skills! As a healthcare practitioner using acupuncture in your practice, you have seen a variety of conditions in which acupuncture has been a beneficial treatment. However, there are many combinations of points that you may not use.

Acupuncture Canada is offering The Acupuncture Refresher Course for regulated health professionals who are currently using acupuncture in their practice.

In this one-day course, you will:

  • Explore a variety of combinations and categories of points to treat commonly seen conditions including acute presentations
  • Practice hands-on skills in safely needling points, including dangerous points that you might have been uncomfortable using

Treatment principles and protocols will be reviewed as well as structural anatomy and neurophysiology for the points for each condition. Additionally, management of systemic problems including fatigue and anxiety will be discussed. The course is designed to enhance your practice with instructor review and coaching for each point.

There will be online resources available for review before the onsite course. You can also prepare questions for the instructor about your own particular cases in your practice.

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