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The Dry Needling Program – Level II


Acupuncture Canada offers dry needling training and certification. Dry needling often achieves quick results and complements other treatments such as active exercise programs, acupuncture, and joint mobilization/manipulation.

The Dry Needling Program is made up of two courses – Dry Needling Level 1 and Dry Needling Level 2. The program presents the concepts and theories regarding myofascial trigger points and the mechanism of action of dry needling from a clinical and evidence-informed approach. A selection of common conditions will be addressed with skills applications of selected muscles. Safety guidelines are emphasized throughout both levels. Course material includes emphasis on needling safety and precautions in general, as well as for specific anatomical areas. Online resources are available prior to the onsite session.

After successful completion of the Level 1 course, students must allow time to complete a record of dry needling practice before proceeding to the Level 2 course. Ensure you have time for practice between the Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Ask us for more details.

Dry Needling Level 2

Online module plus 3-day workshop, including examination

Using the trigger point approach, Level 2 addresses lumbar strain, cervical strain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, more complex shoulder tendinopathies, pectoral muscle tightness, pronator dysfunction and additional common conditions.


The pre-requisite is Dry Needling Level 1 plus successful completion of a dry needling practice record. Allow time to complete your practice record before choosing a Level 2 session.

Course Fee: $1295.00 + tax for Acupuncture Canada members/$1395.00 + tax for non-members

Acupuncture and/or needling experience is not required to register for the Dry Needling Program, however, registrants must check with their regulatory body as acupuncture training might be required before you can participate in dry needling training.

A Dry Needling Program certification will be awarded to participants who successfully complete both Level 1 and Level 2 training.
COVID-19 update: Please see the COVID-19 update on the blog on the home page for the latest information. We are monitoring health advisories and will reschedule courses as soon as safely possible. The online component and start dates in general may change based on the current situation with COVID-19.

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